Posted on: May 18, 2010 8:28 am

Much Ado About Fantasy

 Monday,May 17,2010.A start of a new week for fantasy baseball.If you have a team like mine,
Zack Greinke,Dan Haren,Phil Hughes,Tim Hudson and Andy Pettitte as starting pitchers.Mariano
Rivera And Jonathan Papelbon as my closers.Then add hitters like Matt Kemp,Alfonso Soriano
and Brian Mc cann you will be thinking you always have the upperhand.But alas,on the eve
of another Red Sox vs.Yankees game,all I've got is -0.5 against 43 points for my opponents.
Funny but what are the chances of Papelbon blowing up a save opportunity like that.Before
that Phil Hughes have a 5-0 lead that was erased by the boston juggernauts.
 The fact that I am a big Yankee fan.Can you imagine what I'm feeling when Papelbon
is trying to close the game.I wanted the Yankees to win of course but if they win My fantasy team will
 So you know already what happen.The Yankees won and I am very happy for that.But I am very
sad also because of the -11 points that Papelbon gave my team last night.
 These kind of things are making the game of baseball more interesting.I know for some of you
who doesn't care about fantasy sports,you are thinking these are all rubbih.But I am going
to tell you right now,Fantasy sports are making all these sports more enjoyable.





Posted on: October 18, 2009 12:42 am

Cesc Fabregas

The recent form of Cesc Fabregas when he last played for Spain showed us that he is for real.The big stage is where he belong.But the role that he played in Spain is nothing with the one with Arsenal.His team mates are waiting for him to give them good balls to score.He is the leading the team.A leader that the gunners are missing since the departure of Henry and VieraThe way he is playing right now and the return of Eduardo and Walcott for sure Arsenal is going to be in the thick of the fight in the EPL and the Champions League.He was long regarded as one of the true hero of football.It is a good thing that the potential is now for real.Arsenal hit the jackpot with the way he is playing  now.A maestro in the middle.The rest of the world must be thrilled to watch him every time he is on pitch
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Posted on: October 6, 2009 7:09 am

Love Or Hate The Lakers.

Everybody loves a winner.But we know that for every winner their is a loser.That is why the even if their are many Lakers followers you will find more people hating them.They hated them more when they signed one more hateable player in Ron Artest.With all the anti-Lakers doing all their best to downgrade the Lakers,I have to say that they are the Yankees of basketball.And like the Yankees they don't want to be the second best team.They will do by any means neccesary to win the championship.

Now the haters favorite topic is Lamar Odom's marriage.Which they think is one of the reasons why the Lakers will not repeat.If you are Lakers fan all you can do is laugh but if you are a hater,for sure you will ride this bandwagon.Well the Lakers are too good to let this be a distraction.

Remember that this team is the champion.They don't have Trevor Ariza but Ron Artest is a big upgrade.Ariza only played well if he is playing with good players.Artest proved long time ago that he can play everywhere.Plus of course his defense is a headache for opponents.

The point guard position is my main concern this coming season.I know that Derek Fisher can be relied upon during clutch time.But he can't run with the Tony Parkers of the game anymore.Jordan Farmar is not the anwer.He cannot be a point guard who can direct plays inside the court.While Shannon Brown can be more effective as an offguard.But my worries are not that much because of Phil Jackson.If he can win with the Bulls using RonHarper asthe ballhandler,he can do it with the Lakers also.Kobe and Lamar are more than capable of directing plays.

The forwards are for sure the envy of every team in tha NBA.Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are giants ready to wreak havoc under the ring every night.Josh Powell is a strong benchplayer.And of course Odom and Artest.

Now tell me if you are not a Lakers fan.Aren't you going to hate them also?

Posted on: October 1, 2009 11:04 am

nanding power rankings(NBA)

Here is the POWER RANKINGS of all the power rankings:

1.Los Angeles Lakers-Getting Ron Artest replacing the departed Trevor Ariza is a humongous upgrade.Forget about the off court distractions.The Lakers are all business inside the court.

2.san Antonio Spurs-Yes they are number 2.I'll take Tim Duncan,Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli over LeBron James and shaq any game of the season.Not only these three regulars are the reason why they are this high.THey have Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess now.Bruce Bowen WOn't be miss.

3.Cleveland Cavaliers-Lebron James is one hell of a player but getting Shaq does not guarantee championship.I admit that Shaq will be needed most in the playoffs but the best addition to this team are Jamarion Moon and Leon Powe.Now about Delonte West,I'd rather not comment on that.

4.Boston Celtics-Paul Pierce said that they will win it again.Hard to disagree with him.but this team is not getting any younger.Good thing they have Rajon Rondo who will be the glue that will hold them.Rasheed Wallace addition is like the Artest experiment in LA.

5.Magic-One comment only,Vince Carter is not an upgrade over Hedo.

6.Denver Nuggets-One thing I like about this team is they are contented with what they have.The management are smart enough to know that they already have a good unit.Resigning the birdman is a good move.

7.Utah Jazz-If Carlos Boozer focus on playing instead of thinking about being traded,this team will be a force.

8.Portland Trailblazers-Young team and still improving.Andre Miller is a perfect addition.Brandon Roy was the leader of this bunch.Having Miller as another leader will make Roy concentrate more on scoring.

9.Dallas Mavericks-Mark Cuban maybe thinking every night what he should do next to finally win the elusive trophy.Well adding the matrix should help.If Josh Howard can stay healthy,they will be a contender.

10.Phoenix Suns-Now that the diesel is gone maybe they can return to their run and gun style.Amare we need your dunks to keep us awake.

11.New Orleans Hornets-They said they are planning on easing the load off Chris Paul's back.but who is going to carry it.David West is capable but he should be more aggressive.

12.Detroit Pistons-Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey can be another version of Thomas and Dumars.Now who is going to be Rodman,Laimbeer,Salley and the rest of the bad boys.

13.Chicago Bulls-Ben Gordon is a big loss.But Derrick Rose will step up.

14.Atlanta Hawks-Jamal Crawford should learn to play like a pure PG.Mike Bibby is aging and Having Crawford and Joe Johnson on the floor can give headache to oppositon.

15.Washington Wizards-Now this depend on the health of Gilbert Arenas.If Arenas and Antawn Jameson are healthy,we can hear  from agent Zero again.

16.Miami Heat-One thing is for sure,the Heat will do a blockbuster trade before the season is over.Mark my words.

17.New Jersey Nets-Carter is gone but the emergence of Devin Harris give the Nets some hope.

18.New York Knicks
19.Toronto Raptors.
20.Indiana Pacers
21.Milwaukee Bucks
22.Memphis Grizzlies
23.LA Clippers
24.Minnesota Timberwolves
25.Golden State Warriors
26.Houston Rockets
27,Charlotte Bobcats
28.Philadelphia 76ers
29.Oklahoma Thunder
30.Sacramento Kings.

Now don't be mad if your team is at the bottom of the list.This is only a pre season ranking.You can do your own also.Enjoy!



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Posted on: September 27, 2009 2:15 am

Justine Henin

Justine Henine's comeback is a big story.Just like Kim Clijsters her return to the world of tennis will create a big splash.She's been gone for quite a time now but still nobody can deny her appeal.When I say appeal it is how she is been talked about even it is Clijsters winning the US open.

This showed us the state of women's tennis today.We have players like Jelena Jankovic,Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic but how come people are still clamouring for the return of such player.Sure we have the Williams sisters but actually they are the only consistent players before Clijsters return.

What we need now are players who can  beat the Williams sister and Kim and Justine will provide that.

I have one wish.Wishing that when she finally return,Justine Henine will be the same player like before.
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Posted on: September 22, 2009 2:28 pm


Growing up with a dad who loves boxing is one of my nice memories.My dad used to tell me stories about Muhammad Ali.How he easily beat his opponent.The former Cassius Clay was my first memory when it comes to boxing.

Years go by.Ali's retired.My dad got excited again.The reason:these four boxers.Roberto Duran,Thomas Hearns,Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard.These are the times that all they wanted was to prove to the world who is number one boxer.Nobody's avoiding any boxer.As long as the weight is ok.Fight.

Who can't forget the bald headed marvelous Marvin.Always tough as a nail.The tireless Roberto Duran.The Hitman who is always chasing the opponent inside the ring.And of course the showman Sugar Ray.

I miss this era.

Right now I'm wishing that Mayweather give Mosley a change to fight him.Manny Pacquiao  is always ready to fight.Paul Williams is another good boxer that they should fight.Because if they want to be remembered,they should not avoid each other.They are boxers.They should fight a good boxer.
They should do it so we can have a good memories of them.

Posted on: September 16, 2009 5:34 am

Let's Analyze This.

The New York Yankees is the most popular team in baseball.It's not a surprise.Because if a ballclub won 26 World Series Championship for sure the fans will like  it.Of course aside from the fact that New York City is big.
Now as a Yankee fan,I am being frustrated every year.Compared to the nineties,where we were spoiled by winning the championships plenty times.The last time we tasted victory was in 2000 wherein they beat the Mets.Evey year,I'm analyzing where it went wrong.The line up of the 2000 Yankees compared to the recent years I think is inferior.But how come every year we still miss the jackpot.A-Rod against Brosius.Knoblauch and O'neill against the like of Damon and Matsui.The pitchers,we have Clemens,Cone and El duque against Mussina,Johnson and Pavano.Wait maybe that is the big difference,pitching.Now we have a new look pitching rotation.It is easy to say that this year is maybe the year that we are going win it all again.Sabathia shoul continue pitching like the ace that he is.Burnett like it's 2003 when he was with the Marlins.Pettite like it's the late nineties.And of course Joba.Forget about everything,Joba.It's a different ballgame now.
My conclusion is that the yankees to win the championship,the pichers should be at their best come playoff time.The batters will always be bombing.So pichers be ready.
Posted on: September 1, 2009 6:40 am

Should we worry about Manny Pacquiao

     November 19,2009 is the date of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.Another expected slambang match.I don't know about Cotto but Pacquiao for sure is not yet prepared for this fight.He is busy with show business.He got a new sitcom where he is a comedian.An upcoming film.This one is an action film.Maybe you will ask me,why do you care about these things?
             Well I am a Filipino.Manny Pacquiao is the one bright  spot in our country.

     When he fought Oscar Dela Hoya same things happened.Politics and being an actor kept him from focusing 100% to training.He won.
But the golden boy is past his prime.So all the distractions are ok as long as he is winning.Winning against an over the hill boxer.
     Then came Ricky Hatton.He is not an over the hill boxer.He is in his prime.All I can say is this English pugilist  is tough,very tough.And as always Freddie Roach scratch his head because of all the distraction.But Manny being Manny won again.
      So going back to Miguel Cotto.This boxer is not a joke.He knows who he is going to fight.I am not going to be surprise if he doing his training now.Exactly the opposite of what Manny is doing now.Freddie sound the alarm already.He said Manny is behind training schedule.With his history regarding all of his fights,Do you think we should be worried about Manny Pacquiao?

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